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Version 1.5
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Version History

1.5 - Added the following icons:

  • Clié NR70 (Closed)
  • Clié NR70 (Open)
  • Clié NR70v (Closed)
  • Clié NR70v (Clamshell)
  • Clié NR70v (Open)

1.0 - Initial Release

Sony Clié Icons for Windows XP
This free set of icons was designed to fill the void in the Windows XP icon world for users of Sony Clié and other Sony electronics. The set is
optimized for Windows XP, although it may work on earlier versions.

Icon List
Clié 700-Series, Clié 700 w/Cradle, Clié NR70 (Closed), Clié NR70 (Open), Clié NR70v (Closed), Clié NR70v (Clamshell), Clié NR70 (Open), Sony Clié Folder, Sony Memory Stick Camera, Memory Stick (128MB), MagicGate Memory Stick (128MB), Memory Stick Logo (black), Memory Stick Logo (white), Palm Logo, CyberShot F505V

Sony Clié Icons for PC v1.5 (.zip)

We welcome your comments and suggestions, as well as any requests for icons you would like to see added in a future release.

Enjoy the icons!

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